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The Engine Behind The Western Cape's Economy
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We bridge the divide between the informal sector of the Western Cape and ensure that the townships, rural and informal sectors of the Western Cape become part of the mainstream of the South African Economy

About Us

South Africa is a highly dualistic economy characterized by high productivity (modern) on one hand and low productivity (informal) on the other, with little interaction between them and a division along racial lines.

We need to bridge the gap that was left by the Apartheid era “good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion”.



Founded in 2009, we established the first general assembly with 43 informal trader organisations and an attendance of 2000 members. At the height of the struggle for liberation of the informal sector in South Africa. The Western Cape Informal Traders Coalition is the realization of the vision shared by those committed to the development of the informal sector and the advancement of the informal economy. The success combination in business is: do what you do better and do more of what you do.



The informal sector is regarded as the backbone of employment creation in South Africa. According to the African growth institute annual report in 2011 the informal sector’s contribution to this country’s GDP is 18% of the population that is 40% unemployed. The key to realizing a dream is to focus not only on success but significance – and even the small steps and little victories along our path will take on greater meaning.



There is strength in numbers and when you align with us, you effectively become part of a cohesive and organised structure in which you will find people just like you with similar goals need and dreams.


As part of the WCITC the chances of success in any disputes, with local authorities is greatly enhanced by the joined contribution of fellow traders who may have much to offer in terms of experience, understanding, knowledge and approach


Within the organisation you are assured of the protection of your right as legitimate businesspeople. We have our time cemented a partnership with the City of Cape Town, which further lends itself to an assurance that  dialogue becomes the tool of contact between traders on the one hand, and the City on the other rather than autocratic decisions made by the latter

Voice for the voiceless

You need no longer be alone and ineffective. As part of a provincial representative organisation, your voice and opinions will be heard and forwarded at and to all levels of authority and government.


Your membership to the WCITC guarantees you provincial and national representation and as such your interests are placed at the forefront of our agendas.


These are multi fold and truly without limits. Our linkages with progressive organisations as well as established partnership ensure that we are taken seriously. Exposure via provincial structure by far increases your profile than being a stand-alone entity.


Within protective realm of the WCITC you will get sense of brotherhood and camaraderie, knowing that your interest are intertwined with your fellow brother and sister within the organisation


WCITC prides itself on its partnerships with progressive and forward-thinking organisations like StreetNet International and WIEGO (Women informal employment globalisation and organising). The WCTIC forms part of SAITA ( South African Informal Traders Alliance), the national trader’s body, and StreetNet International.


Access to information on opportunities viz-aviz tenders, access to finances, etc is a undeniable fact when you are part of a strong provincial trader body with links to national and international forums.


Uniifying and strengthening the Voice of the Informal Sector

Dissemination of all information re Informal Trade Assist in forming dialogue platforms with all 30 municipalities in WC

Forming organisation’s in all areas where there are clusters of traders

WCITC as an advisory body on matters concerning them

Knowledge and training on “Our Rights as Traders”

Seeking opportunities for our Members

Additional Services


Training is provided by recognised training providers to assist WCITC members in running their businesses better. This includes certified skills as well as accredited training across all sectors.


Company Registration and Amendments; SARS Registrations – Company, Individuals & Trusts. See more services below:

More Services...

Workman’s Compensation Commission Registration (WCA/COIDA); Unemployment Insurance Fund Registration (UIF); Monthly Bookkeeping; Payroll Administration; Management Reporting; Financial Reporting; BBBEE Letters; Business Plans & Valuations; SARS Tax Clearance Applications; SARS Income Tax Consulting and Submissions; SARS Deferred Payment Arrangements; Tender Process Assistance; Legal Assistance; Advertising and Marketing

Website Development and Social Media Pages

We assist our members with premium website development and creation of social media pages, to help expand their markets, and ultimately grow their business.


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