Professional   Personalised   Affordable     Tuition

We offer extra lessons for Grades 1 to 12, for both IEB (Independent Examinations Board) and DBE (Department of Basic Education) learners, in Maths; Maths Lit;  English;  Physical Science and Afrikaans. We also offer a Matric Supplementary Examination preparation program which helps adult learners prepare for their May/June re-writes. 

Our lessons are tailor made to meet the needs and requirements of each learner.  We offer one-on-one individual lessons, planned according to what your child is currently learning in school and the knowledge they will need to excel in school assessments. This allows us to ensure your child not only knows the basics but is able to go beyond what has been taught in school.  

Each lesson structure consists of using half a lesson for teaching and half a lesson to practice what has been taught. This method of teaching allows for the tutor to ensure that your child has fully grasped all concepts taught and to tackle any concepts which they are still struggling with. We provide weekly updates via email, to parent's on their child's progress and work covered in lessons.   

We strive to accommodate children from different financial backgrounds,  making extra lessons accessible to everyone.  Being a privately owned company allows us to adjust our fee structures at our discretion and payers are not subject to unaffordable tuition. 

 We look forward to helping your child achieve their very best.  You are welcome to contact us or   come and see us for more information.